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Small neodymium cube magnets is a permanent magnet that is produced from neodymium, iron, boron and various mixed raw materials. It has varied application in electronic, motor, technology energy, healthcare, and other industries. There are many surface treatment for these magnets such as nickel coating, zinc, gold, black epoxy, white epoxy and so on. Zinc and Nickel coating are the most popular coating because after the magnets are plated, it produces good rust, corrosion resistance. Neodymium magnets overall, are the world's strongest permanent magnets. Although, not all neodymium Cube magnets share the same characteristics. The Grade of a Neodymium Cube Magnet will provide an idea of the strength of a neodymium magnet. The most common commercially available magnetic grades generally run N35- N52. N35 is the weakest (but by no means weak) and N52 is currently the strongest. There are some special use grades as well. A larger piece of neodymium of a weaker grade may be ultimately stronger than a smaller but higher grade piece. Our strong neo magnet cube is designed & manufactured to meet stringent quality standards of both external and our own standards.  

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A Neo magnet cube is the popular choice for Homes, Work, Shops, DIY, Science, magnetic cubes are great as Hobby, Crafts, Office, Fridge, Science, Fair, Just Plain Fun, Alternative, medicine, magnet cubes Sort metal items, magnetic cubes Hold things up, a magnetic cube will Hold, things, down, Duvet, Cover, Closures, Hanging, Art, scarves, jewelry, belts, Handbags & Classroom Decorations & they make nice gifts as a magnetic cube toy or a magnet cube puzzle. These are super strong magnet Grade From N35-N52 that are 6 x 6 x 6 mm cube neodymium magnets/block neodymium magnets shape. Pretty hard to pull them away together when they are stuck with one another. Wide application and perfect for packaging and DIY projects, crafting work or sticking paper, postcard, letter on fridge whiteboard or any surface that will attach itself immediately without leaving scratches. These magnets are brittle and can easily crack, chip, or shatter when slammed together. Or if you get lucky, the skin on your fingers can get pinched when two of these magnets come together, this is said from painful experience. Use with extreme caution. Works as a great tool to help you organize the using stuff. We fullzen technology is ndfeb magnet grades manufacturer.

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GET A QUOTEThis neodymium magnetic disc has a diameter of 50mm and a height of 25mm. It has a magnetic flux reading of 4664 Gauss and a pull force of 68.22 kilos. Strong magnets, like this Rare Earth disc, project a powerful magnetic field that is capable of penetrating solid materials such as timber, glass or plastic. This ability has practical applications for tradespeople and engineers where strong magnets can be used to detect metal or become components in sensitive alarm systems and security locks.

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